UCP leader airs NDP’s dirty laundry

March 13, 2019

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Conservatives would save $200 million by getting taxpayers out of the laundry business

CALGARY, AB (March 13, 2019): Today, Jason Kenney announced that a United Conservative Government would wash Albertan’s hands of the NDP’s $200 million laundry deal.

Speaking at Calgary’s Lux Laundromat, Kenney outlined how the NDP’s 2015 decision to overturn an AHS decision to contract out laundry services is anything but April fresh.

“Rather than admit the private sector can do it better and cheaper, the NDP overruled the best available advice from Alberta Health Services,” said Kenney. “By putting ideology over value for tax dollars, the NDP soaked the taxpayer to the tune of $200 million.”

Kenney announced that a United Conservative government would save Alberta taxpayers the $200 million replacement cost of laundry service equipment by proceeding with AHS’ plan to contract out laundry service.

“Not long ago, Saskatchewan faced the same decision Alberta did but they went a different direction,” Kenney said. “By contracting out laundry service, the Saskatchewan government estimates they’ll save taxpayers close to $100 million over the life of the contract. Albertans deserve a government that won’t simply pour their money down the drain when cheaper, more efficient options exist.”

A United Conservative government will take a common sense approach and allow AHS the option to contract out laundry services rather than spend hundreds of millions on new laundry machines.

“Public sector unions are welcome to bid for those contracts. But putting taxpayers through the wringer just to maintain a government-run monopoly on laundry is just plain dirty.”

Today’s commitment by the UCP follows Monday’s announcement that a UCP government would save taxpayers $640 million by cancelling the NDP’s plan to nationalize AHS laboratory services into one central Superlab. Kenney has also committed to cancel the $3.7 billion NDP rail lease.

“That’s over $4.5 billion in savings by stopping NDP waste,” Kenney said. “These are three examples of NDP ideology at its worst: rail cars, lab services and laundry are things that the private sector can do at lower cost than the government.”

“The NDP’s $100 billion debt plan is a fiscal train wreck,” Kenney concluded.  “They’re risking our future because they put their big government ideology ahead of common sense. United Conservatives will respect dollars, cut the waste, and bring common sense to government.”


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Listening to AHS, Saving Your Tax Dollars

Contracting out laundry service to save taxpayers $200 million.

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