Standing Up for Alberta

Alberta is in a jobs crisis after four years of economic stagnation and decline. The number one reason is the success of the foreign funded campaign to landlock our energy, a consequence of the Trudeau-Notley alliance.

The United Conservatives will move from the NDP’s passive, defensive, apologetic approach to a strong, assertive, and strategic defence of our economy, our workers, and our way of life.

Scrapping the Carbon Tax

Getting rid of the NDP’s job-killing carbon tax would be the first order of business for a United Conservative government. Scrapping the carbon tax will allow families to keep more of their money and create 6,000 new jobs.


Creating Oil and Gas Jobs

Alberta’s energy sector has seen our province thrive for generations. The United Conservatives’ energy policy would ensure we manage our resources responsibly while bringing back jobs for the hard-working men and women employed in the oil & gas industry.


Standing Up For Alberta, Getting Pipelines Built

Pipelines are how we get our oil and gas to market for sale. The lack of pipeline capacity causes the price for our oil to go down and prevents further investment. A United Conservative government will pursue every pipeline project to get our oil and gas to market.


Balancing the Budget

The NDP’s spending has been out of control. Their multi-billion dollar deficits each year have added almost $100 billion to the provincial debt. The United Conservatives have a credible plan to balance the budget within their first mandate.