Making Life Better for Albertans

A full life includes work that provides not only a living, but dignity. That is why a United Conservative government’s first priority will be to boost our economy and bring quality jobs back to Alberta. However, “the good life” includes much more than material well-being.

While government can’t guarantee a good life, it has a central role in establishing many of the conditions for it like health, safety, education, and support for the

Health Care Guarantee

A United Conservative Government is committed to maintaining or increasing health spending and will ensure a universally-accessible, publicly-funded health-care system.


Arts and Culture

Getting Alberta back to work and diversifying our economy will require supporting the growth of our cultural enterprises.


Politician Pay Cuts

Albertans want leadership from their elected officials. In a United Conservative government, fiscal responsibility will start at the top.



Giving municipalities more autonomy and predictability and providing transparency for voters.


Balancing the Budget

The NDP’s spending has been out of control. Their multi-billion dollar deficits each year have added almost $100 billion to the provincial debt. The United Conservatives have a credible plan to balance the budget within their first mandate.