1,800 more jobs lost under NDP watch

April 5, 2019

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Alberta continues to have the highest unemployment rate outside of Atlantic Canada, while labour force shrinks by 12,000

Edmonton, AB (April 5, 2019) – Alberta lost 1,800 jobs last month and 12,000 Albertans stopped looking for work, according to new job numbers from Statistics Canada this morning. 

The employment situation in Alberta is “virtually unchanged” from a year ago, according to the Statistics Canada report.

What’s more, according to University of Calgary economist Trevor Tombe, Alberta’s employment rate is now nearing the worst point of the recession.

According to the latest job numbers:

  • Calgary has an unemployment rate of 7.7%, the second-highest in Canada

  • Edmonton has an unemployment rate of 7.1%, the third-highest in Canada

  • Alberta has the fourth highest unemployment rate in Canada, with only Newfoundland & Labrador, PEI, and New Brunswick having a worse rate.

  • The labour force shrank by 12,000 as more Albertans stopped looking for work.

  • 172,000 Albertans are unemployed, more than when the NDP took office

“It’s clear that the NDP isn’t working for Alberta – over 170,000 Albertans are out of work, while tens of thousands have given up looking for work,” said United Conservative leader Jason Kenney. “The average Alberta family’s take home pay has dropped $6,400 since the NDP came to office, and there has been virtually no change in employment in the last year. We simply cannot continue like this. It’s time for real change that gets Albertans back to work.”

Throughout the election campaign, United Conservatives have released a series of policies to get Albertans back to work, including:

  • Bill 1: The Carbon Tax Repeal Act scraps the NDP’s $1.4 billion tax on everything, resulting in 6,000 new jobs, and allows Alberta families and job creators to keep more of their own money.

  • The Job Creation Tax Cut will lower the tax burden on employers from 12% to 8%, creating 55,000 jobs and growing our economy by $12.7 billion.

  • Bill 2: The Open for Business Act, which gives Alberta’s workers more freedom, restores their right to a secret ballot, and brings balance back to Alberta’s labour laws to get job creators investing in Alberta again.

  • The Red Tape Reduction Action Plan will cut red tape by one-third to reduce costs and speed up approvals, freeing job creators to get more Albertans back to work.

  • Getting Pipelines Built by challenging Bill C-69 in court, “Turn off the Taps” to BC if they continue obstructionism, build a coalition of Premiers, and holding a referendum on Equalization in 2021 if a coastal pipeline is not well underway and C-69 not mothballed.

Albertans can learn more about Jason Kenney and the United Conservatives’ plan to get Albertans back to work here: https://albertastrongandfree.ca/getting-alberta-back-to-work/


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